Little White Lies

Shannon Law LITTLE WHITE LIES Have you ever told a lie to somebody? After telling that lie, did you feel guilty about it? Most of the time, people feel guilty or bad if they express their own opinion about something. Telling the truth is always essential for us in everyday life. We can be trusted by other people and at the same time, be able to express and support our own opinions. Honesty can never hurt anyone more than you lying to them. Why did you think Abraham Lincoln was nicknamed “Honest Abe? ” Because he believed that honesty is the best policy.

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Telling the truth is the most important thing to do. It is better to tell the truth, admit your mistakes, and move on. People should tell the truth all the time to feel more comfortable. Telling the truth makes life so much simpler without having to worry about anything and without having to lag that guilt around that’s trapped inside your body. People appreciate this quality, and that gives value to us. People who tell the truth become more appreciated by other people. We have to keep a good image of ourselves. In order to do that, we must be honest in all situations.

If a person lied to you, and you found out that he lied, would you ever trust that person again? Besides, when you tell the truth, it’s easier to support your own idea or opinions because you don’t have to create a completely made up story. People who lie invent a huge history and when you ask them some details, they’re quickly lost in the explanation and they forget some details to make their lie understandable. A good example of a person who thinks that it is essential to telling the truth is Abraham Lincoln. Do you know why Abraham Lincoln was nicknamed “Honest Abe? It is said that the roots of this nickname start in his early working life. As a young man, Abraham Lincoln worked as a general store clerk. On evening, he was counting money in the drawers after closing and found that he was a few cents over what should have been in the drawer. When he realized that he had accidentally short-changed a customer earlier that day, Lincoln walked a long distance to return the money to the customer. On another occasion, Lincoln discovered that he had given a woman too little tea for her money.

He put what he owed her in a package and personally delivered it to the woman, who never even realized that she was not given the proper amount of tea until Lincoln showed up at her doorstep! Lincoln carried his regard for the truth through his years at the White House. He himself was deeply sincere. During the civil war, President Lincoln stated, “I hain’t been caught lying yet, and I don’t mean to be. ” To Lincoln, the truth was not worth sacrificing for any gain, no matter how large that gain may have been.

Honestly is good because, for example if you sneaked out in the middle of the night to meet up with your friends and your parents found out, wouldn’t they expect you to come home and explain everything to them truthfully? Wouldn’t they be even angry at you if you lied to their faces? My cousin had a personal experience with this. It happened in the summer of 2010. My cousin, Crystal, and her friends decided to sneak out. Crystal knew that it was wrong but she ended up going anyway. She and her friends decided to go to a club. Crystal and her friends all told their parents that they were sleeping over another person’s house.

My aunt (Crystal’s mom) actually ended up calling Nicole’s (Crystal’s friend) house to check up on Crystal to see if she was there. Unfortunately, she wasn’t. While having the best time dancing at the club, Crystal felt a tap on her shoulder, she turned around and this person asked, “Can I have this dance? ” That person ended up being her dad. Crystal and her friends immediately stopped, looked at each other and thought, ”Oh no. ” All of their parents knew that something was up and somehow put the pieces of the puzzles together and found out where they were.

When she got home, her parents were very disappointed with the fact that she lied. Crystal ended up being ground for two weeks. This was the situation where I learned that honestly is the best policy and that lying will get you into more trouble. In conclusion, lying is lying. The part when lying is very bad is when it is deceitful. When you lie too much, nobody will believe you when you actually tell the truth. Your character will always be in question. You will also be known as the “liar” and people will never know if what you say can be true. Lying makes you untrustworthy and diminishes your character.