Self development and attaining my SMART goals

I have a dream. I see myself as the main HR strategian of a universe renowned media company or a top HRD consultancy. Sound academic apprehension of HR is a precedence developmental demand, as highlighted in “ 11 Qualities of Effective Directors ” Pedler et Al. ( 2006 ) . I am from Pakistan and am remaining in the UK for my married woman ‘s PhD. Using this as an chance I have enrolled on the MSc. HRD & A ; Consultancy class. Different larning manner appraisals helped border my apprehension of myself as a learner/manager. My learning manner is Tactile/Kinaesthetic harmonizing to Jester ( 2000 ) . I view my calling as an chance to accomplish meaningful aims in a larger context. Here Schein ‘s ( 2006 ) appraisal sees strength: SV/Dedicated to Cause. I qualify as Directive on the Rowe ( 1987 ) Inventory and on Belbin ‘s ( 1981 ) I am an Implementer, Team-worker and Monitor/Evaluator. A Reflector on Honey Mumford ( 1986 ) appraisal, my personality type/signature on Personal Style Inventory Hogan and Champagne ( 1980 ) is ESTJ ( Extrovert, Sensing, Thinker, Judger – Stabilizer ) , whereas I am the Confronting Owl on the Conflict Questionnaire Thomas & A ; Kilmann ( 2007, 1974 ) . An illustration linking and specifying most of the above findings may be that I want to do a difference by inventing and implementing HR schemes which have a lasting impact on employee well-being [ dedication to do ] . With aims like this, I like to be at the helm of personal businesss, preferring full liberty and control over the state of affairs [ directing ] . This brings independency to form and travel things at the needed yet desired gait and affords me clip to believe things through, listen to everybody before make up one’s minding and carefully see results before reasoning [ reflector ] . I love to be involved in community activities. Persevering, realistic, practical, loyal, steadfast, logical, are keywords for depicting me [ ESTJ ] . However, my calling programs are under menace as I face redundancy at work. My married woman is anticipating a babe so I may hold to either postpone the grade or axial rotation back wholly due to pecuniary solvency issues. This write-up critically reviews consequences of assorted larning manners appraisals and derives a Personal Development Plan holding with the averment that persons are responsible for their calling development and non merely organisations CIPD ( 2010, 2003 ) . It suggests possible ways for self-development and achieving my Smart ends. Guidance is provided on get the better ofing failings to understate and forestall current and future menaces. I can non and make non govern out the possibility of this being revised as my calling evolves in future ( possibly 5-10 old ages ) .

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Career history, Life state of affairss, Overall intent of planIntroduction

I started my calling as HR/Admin Officer working for an NGO after finishing M.A. in English from Pakistan. The experience proved to be the diving deck to the field of HR. After 4 old ages in the function, I joined as Senior HR Officer at GEO TV Network, one of Pakistan ‘s prima intelligence channels. A twelvemonth subsequently I moved to London when my married woman was awarded a scholarship for PhD. At present, I am free-lancing at one of UK ‘s taking messenger companies as Training Support Co-ordinator. My married woman is anticipating a babe and I may confront redundancy.

My grade in English was my male parent ‘s pick and since the really start of my calling in HR, I felt the demand of complementary formal instruction. Thus, I had two aims: foremost, geting a sound understanding on academic degree ; 2nd, heightening professional competency, personal/self development. Bing in London has helped as I have enrolled for a specialist grade in HR.

Developing a personal development program is an exercising in forming oneself, placing development demands, and puting precedences. The really first positive consequence of this exercising I noticed was that I learned how non to prioritize and discovered that I could ever utilize the PDP as a tool/meter to maintain a cheque on personal development. I can see that the PDP will function as my usher towards developing a ‘resilient sense of personal efficaciousness ‘ ( Bandura, 1994: 72 ) .

Self-description & A ; Analysis

I want to go on my calling in HR. Miles and Snow ( 1996: 97 ) following Arthur et Al. ( 1989 ) see calling as “ the germinating sequence of a individual ‘s work experiences over clip. ”

At present I am working as Training Support Co-ordinator at a company ‘s Technical section. However, I am looking to exchange back to HR every bit shortly as I get a HR related occupation. Given that I was Senior HR Officer before traveling to London, in my new occupation i.e. in the UK, I expect to be at least on the same place if non an associate director or director. If, nevertheless, I have to travel back to Pakistan, I will fall in my parent organisation GEO TV Network and continue with my programs.

Between the following 5-10 old ages I plan to concentrate on developing expertness in strategic decision-making and policy preparation. I aim to work my manner to accomplishing a top place e.g. Director HR in a prima company like Reuters.

It is the sense of fulfillment and effectivity that I am seeking. Effective callings net income persons, organisations, and society, notes Wilensky ( 1961 ; cited in Miles and Snow, 1996 ) . Earning sufficient expertness while traveling step-wise up the calling ladder, I will guarantee that I have sound apprehension of and experience in functions like ‘partner in scheme executing, administrative expert, employee title-holder, and alteration agent ‘ Ulrich ( 1998 ) .

Learning/Development Needs Analysis

Identifying larning manner is polar to developing a PDP. Learning Manners can be identified by taking learning manners appraisals which highlight learning/development demands, placing nucleus competences and strengths and observing spreads. Table 1 on the following page shows consequences from assorted appraisals.

Learning Style, Keefe ( 1979:2 ) is a “ complex of characteristic cognitive, affectional, and physiological factors that serve as comparatively stable indexs of how a scholar perceives, interacts with, and responds to the acquisition environment. ” While with Stewart and Felicetti ( 1992:1 ) acquisition manners are “ educational conditions under which a pupil is most likely to larn. ” Therefore, larning manner is non about “ what ” is learned, instead “ how ” it is learned.

Table 1: Learning/Development Needs Analysis

There is greater consistence in the concluding consequences of the analysis than in-consistency.

Sound academic apprehension of HR is a precedence developmental demand, as highlighted in “ 11 Qualities of Effective Directors ” Pedler et Al. ( 2006 ) . In consonant rhyme with my purpose of heading the HR section of a celebrated company, this questionnaire assesses most of the qualities likely to be needed to accomplish my purpose. As the rubric suggests, the questionnaire seems designed for on-job professionals.

11 Qualities of Effective Directors

Command of basic facts

Relevant professional cognition

Continuing sensitiveness to events

Analytical, job resolution,

decision/ judgement-making accomplishments

Social accomplishments and abilities

Emotional opposition



Mental legerity

Balanced larning wonts and accomplishments

Self cognition

Pedler et. Al ( 2006 )

Table 2: 11 Qualities of Effective Directors

While taking the Honey and Mumford ( 1992 ) assessment a notable point was that even after I took the appraisal twice, with a spread of about two hebdomads I scored the highest for being a Reflector, considered to be more thought and less practical.

Honey and Mumford ( 1986 ) proposed the Learning Styles Questionnaire ( LSQ ) claiming it to be more meaningful than Kolb ‘s ( Swailes and Senior 1999 ) . However, this theoretical account owes its origin to Kolb ( 1984: 41 ) , “ acquisition is the procedure whereby cognition is created through the transmutation of experience. Knowledge consequences from the combination of hold oning experience and transforming it. ”

Kolb ‘s ( 1988 ) posit is based on the construct of experiential larning with the acquisition procedure affecting four distinguishable larning abilities/styles, based on a four-stage acquisition rhythm. Kolb devised his Learning Styles Inventory ( LSI ) to mensurate an person ‘s comparative penchant for the four acquisition manners ( Swailes and Senior 1999 ; Kolb, Rubin and Osland 1995 ) .

Fig. 2, Honey & A ; Mumford Learning Style

Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //

Honey & A ; Mumford utilize different nomenclature

Militant for Concrete Experience

Reflector for Brooding Observation

Theorist for Abstract Conceptualization

Pragmatist for Active Experimentation

Fig. 1: Kolb ‘s Learning Style

Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //

Kolb ‘s Learning Procedure

Learning from:

CE – Concrete Experience

RO – Brooding Observation

AO – Abstract Conceptualization

AE – Active Experiment

The consequence on the LSQ i.e. Reflector is in crisp contrast to the diagnosing on the Personal Style Inventory, Hogan and Champagne ( 1980 ) where my personality signature is ESTJ ( Extrovert, Senser, Thinker, Judger ) – the Stabiliser. The Personal Style Inventory, Hogan and Champagne ( 1980 ) works with four braces of personality dimensions: Introversion/Extraversion ; Intuition/Sensing ; Feeling/Thinking and Perceiving/Judging. These concepts are based on the original work of Carl Jung ( 1921 ) and are a discrepancy of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ( in Myers and Mc Caulley, 1985 ) .

Learners/managers with ESTJ personalities are thought to be more practical than believing unlike reflectors. However, there is a run of similarity every bit good. The Thinker in ESTJ is analytical, so is a Reflector Honey and Mumford ( 1992 ) idea of as. The Senser in ESTJ plants with ‘tedious item ‘ Hogan and Champagne ( 1980 ) so does the Reflector take every item into history before determinations. The Thinker in ESTJ has critical ability, the Reflector weighs pro ‘s and con ‘s.

I view my calling as an chance to accomplish meaningful aims in a larger context. This scores high as a strength on Schein ‘s ( 2006 ) appraisal and identifies me as SV/Dedicated to Cause. The same appraisal shows my strong GM/General Management competency, wishing for AU/Autonomy and Independence, and a desire for SE/Security and Stability. The determination wholly correspond to Rowe ( 1987 ) Decision Style Inventory where I qualify as Directive. The best organisational tantrum for Rowe ‘s Directive type and Schein ‘s AU/Autonomy type is ‘structured, such as bureaucratisms, or where power and authorization are of import, ‘ notes Rowe ( 1987 ) .

My learning manner is Tactile/Kinaesthetic harmonizing to Jester ‘s ( 2000 ) which seems linked to being Reflector, working with item.

On Belbin ‘s ( 1981 ) I am an Implementer, Team-worker and Monitor/Evaluator. I am the Confronting Owl on the Conflict Questionnaire by Thomas & A ; Kilmann ( 2007, 1974 ) . Consistent with findings on the LSQ – Reflector, Implementers dislike unproved solutions or thoughts. Team Workers are risk-averse and work good with clearly defined ends like Reflectors. Team worker besides matches Owl the Confronter who seeks to decide differences until all stakeholders agree on a solution. Monitor/Evaluator are slow deciders like Reflectors and prefer to believe things through and see pro ‘s and con ‘s of sentiments and determinations.

While Learning Manners are the “ complex of characteristic cognitive, affectional, and physiological factors that serve as comparatively stable indexs of how a scholar perceives, interacts with, and responds to the acquisition environment. ” Keefe ( 1979: 2 ) , what such an analysis may neglect to see is the context in which a learner/manager behaves in one or the other manner. An agreeable averment in this respect would be by Sadler-Smith ( 2001: 295 ) warning against the application of larning manner “ in an indiscriminate manner. A necessary component of any statement that seeks to generalise is some comparing of the spheres which one seeks to generalise from and to. ”

Personally, I find “ 11 Qualities of Effective Manager ” Pedlar et Al ( 2006 ) and the Hogan and Champagne ( 1980 ) Personal Style Inventory others as both clearly indicate facets which are developed or are otherwise.

Smart Goals

Get a calling occupation ( HR related )

Get a occupation which facilitates personal development on strategic and decision-making and policy preparation accomplishments

Work towards purpose: to be Director HR at a taking company like Reuters

Keep in head: Learning and Development demands and better upon

Toolkit: Detailed PDP

Table 3: Smart Goals

3.1 Learning and Development Needs

Different larning manner appraisals helped border my apprehension of myself as a learner/manager. These exercisings have been exhaustively helpful in foregrounding my acquisition and development demands.




Acquire relevant professional cognition

High – Immediate

Proactive Attitude


Mental Agility


Time Management


Table 4: Learning and Development Needs

Theoretical background/academic apprehension, which will augment my professional competency, is what I am acute to work on and therefore hold enrolled myself on the class at Birkbeck. Successful directors must exhibit ‘career resiliency ‘ and should “ take part in the direction of their callings by taking greater duty for their acquisition ” Thomson et al. , 2001 Waterman et al. , 1994, as quoted in Martin and Butler, 2000.

Absence of professional classs induces a sense of under-confidence and sometimes professional insecurity. The immediate negative consequence is that it makes my occupation really demanding and requires usage of creativeness. On the other manus nevertheless, I have thorough cognition sing my company and its countries of specialization. I have been actively involved in assorted undertakings, pulling up policies and processs, forming occupation carnivals, employer stigmatization, covering with ER issues, disciplinary, exit interviews, etc.

The sense of under-confidence may good be a beginning of deficiency of pro-active attitude and mental legerity. Given the fact that on my occupation there are other co-workers with more makings and preparations under their belt, this may be keeping me back from being active and agile.

I am reasonably good with Time Management. However, I do see the demand to be more effectual at this. Green and Skinner ( 2005 ) believe that pull offing clip has positive impact on calling and life.

Proposed Learning

“ Learning is perceived as a consequence from four chief sources/activities viz. ‘experience ‘ ( from mundane life and on-the-job ) , ‘training ‘ , ‘modelling others in the workplace ‘ and ‘coaching ‘ ( i.e. apprenticeship and being looked after ) ” Antonacopoulou, ( 1999 ) .

There is an discernible inter-dependence between the acquisition and development demands. This translates into a dependable PDP. As mentioned earlier, I will utilize the PDP to maintain a cheque on my advancement. This means that the PDP will be revised from time-to-time.

Table 5: Personal Development Plan


This write-up critically reviewed consequences of assorted larning manners appraisals and derived a Personal Development Plan holding with the averment that persons are responsible for their calling development, non merely organisations CIPD ( 2010, 2003 ) . Under the undermentioned two sub-headings, I will transport out a larning reappraisal every bit good as give a self-reflective history.

Learning Review

Assorted appraisals have given me a clear image of what my larning precedences should be and that in order for this to be a learning exercising and experience that delivers, it is indispensable that my ends be interdependent every bit good as SMART.

At present, figuratively talking, I am stat mis off from where I should be working i.e. my current occupation in a proficient section of a messenger company is no aid to my calling programs. However, I am now excess and this might be a approval in camouflage.

I want to be in a HR occupation. This will assist me go on my journey towards my ends all the manner developing strategic decision-making accomplishments. Besides it will relieve the sense of professional in-security as I am seeking complimentary formal instruction. I see that this fright has done me harm in footings of decreased mental legerity and low degree of proactive attitude. I will maintain a cheque on my advancement through the PDP.

All of the above is clip dependent. Green and Skinner ( 2005 ) put it as holding ‘positive impact ‘ and I will work towards accomplishing excellence in clip direction.


Under larning reappraisal above, I have tried to reexamine my ends as set above to and turn out that they are inter-dependant.

Further immediate betterment is direly needed in footings of theoretical constructs and formal specializer knowledge-base which will assist me derive more professional competency and encouragement assurance.