The Health Sector In Bahrain Health And Social Care Essay

The chief intent of this study is to garner some concrete informations about the wellness sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The study chiefly high spots and addresses two of the most significant subjects, like Employability accomplishments and accomplishments spread in the wellness sector. Furthermore, the study will place the functions of the employees and the impact that they have left in the wellness community. Additionally, a quantitative information about the wellness sector will be elaborated through an up-dated statistical diagram. This study will educate people and do them aware about the wellness sector and promote them to derive accomplishments for success in this of import sector.

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Footings of Mention

This study was requested from several coachs in the university, chiefly from the Academic Skills, IT, and the English coach. The study is due on the 17th of June ; this study will finally be evaluated and assessed by the abovementioned coachs.


The procedure was chiefly done through an accurate Internet use ( authorities web site, educational web site ) . Besides some information was picked up from booklets of the Ministry of wellness every bit good as from local newspapers. The information gathered was later confirmed by a personal meeting with public functionary.


Health sector in Bahrain

The wellness sector is an indispensable fundamental for all states ; this system should be served and provided even if a state is non good developed. Every state should reform its basic wellness resources to suit its public demands of wellness attention demands by offering full best available installations i.e. Hospitals, private nursing place, medical and dental pattern work, ambulance transit, complementary medical specialty and other different human wellness activities. In Bahrain the health care sector has been identified as an untapped economic country, whereby it has opened doors for international companies that can distribute wellness attention services and merchandises in a wider scope. health+care+sector

Servicess of wellness sector in Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain is working towards making a healthy state by kick offing medical services and supplying a comprehensive health care system to its public. In drumhead the authorities of Bahrain has fundamentally implemented a strategic educational program, to develop this sector by leting Bahraini pupils to analyze abroad and pattern their profession. Another major subscriber to the docket is the medical college of wellness scientific disciplines ‘ which is edifice and developing a future coevals of professionals, who are equipped with advanced and latest cognition. This college patterns the latest surgical developments such as keyhole surgery and conveyance surgery. Furthermore, full medical health care installations are available through private and public systems, which include:

Three full service private infirmaries staffed by both Bahraini and non Bahraini professionals ‘ covering with the diagnosing and intervention of disease.

Four authorities infirmaries

19 authorities wellness centres

Five authorities pregnancy infirmaries

Numerous private forte clinics

The Health system in Bahrain provides besides full insurance coverage for both private and public sectors, ( BIME staff 2004 ) .

The betterment of wellness sector in Bahrain

Bahrain has achieved success in supplying an impressive wellness system. Harmonizing to Mr. Abdul Hakeem Ali Alhayki, the wellness sector in Bahrain grew drastically and evidently because of the important addition of the state ‘s population, which later increased the figure of private and authorities infirmaries during the past twosome of old ages, to supply and suit more medical services. ( personal communicating, May 6, 2010 ) .

The colleges of wellness scientific discipline have graduated nurses and extremely qualified professionals who were recruited instantly in assorted infirmaries in the land. In add-on, Bahrain has an efficient inoculation plans which keeps catching diseases under control and the infective diseases of childhood have been about eradicated. The development of the wellness services in Bahrain were besides encouraged by its close Nabors ( Arab GCC states ) Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, which have contributed in sums of us $ 50 million and us $ 58 million in 2003 and 2004, to fundamentally better the medical system in the part, ( WHO 2010 ) .

As a consequence of the wellness development, the citizens of Bahrain are holding an advanced degree of wellness services today, and the life mean anticipation for both sexes have increased dramatically from being 58 old ages old during the period 1965-1971 to 73.98 old ages in 2004 ( 71.52 old ages for males and 76.51 old ages for females ) . Health talkers in Bahrain are considered to be the best in the part, as this information was officially authenticated by the universe ‘s wellness organisation, ( BIME staff 2004 ) .

Skills spread in the wellness sector in Bahrain

The wellness sector in Bahrain demands for more extended alterations, as the economic system and labour market in Bahrain is turning of course. Therefore, this sector requires a batch of attention to supply greater wellness services non merely for Bahrain but besides to neighbour gulf states and chiefly to keep the county ‘s future model traveling frontward. However, this sector has a batch of accomplishments lacks that need to be tackled and rectified consequently.

Harmonizing to Mr. Abdul Hakeem Ali Alhayki, some of the identified accomplishments spreads in this sector are as follow:

Disaster Management skills – including ambulatory and exigency services accomplishments.

The Medical Sector in peculiar faces deficit of nursing accomplishments.

Cardinal Skills – for illustration Arabic and English communicating accomplishments are required, ( personal communicating, May 6, 2010 ) .

To cast more visible radiation on the above mentioned facts, I believe that the wellness sector growing chances in Bahrain could be impacted by a deficit of nursing Skills, harmonizing to the Royal College of sawboness in Ireland, one of the universe ‘s prima international medical schools. The Bahraini wellness sector is turning quickly but this growing could be affected by the deficiency of trained nurses from national populations. Therefore, the Kingdom of Bahrain has late opened this college to guarantee that the Medical University in Bahrain covers a comprehensive platform and to efficaciously back up the development of this underserved accomplishment. ( BIME staff 2004 ) .

Furthermore, there is a strong demand for medical professionals to acquire sensitized with simple elements in their profession. Doctors should fundamentally cognize how to manage patients with better hearing accomplishments, interpersonal accomplishments, and communicating accomplishments. There is no uncertainty that they are first-class at their proficient accomplishments ( i.e. medical profession accomplishments ) , but on the other manus they should larn how to manage patients by utilizing basic cardinal communicating accomplishments i.e. ( Arabic & A ; English ) . As patients come from assorted states and effectual hearing will assist to understand the job better.

( Soft accomplishments in medical, 2008 )

The chief causes of those obstructions and challenges are being addressed by authorities functionaries, as they are cognizant of those cardinal challenges and they are seeking to turn to them through their strategic program, which was implemented in 2007-2010, such as:

“ Stagnating rewards.

Standards of life.

Low accomplishments development.

Expansion of the lower category.

Business public presentation.

Wayss of implementing enforcement and standardisation. ”

( Gulf daily intelligence, 2010 )

Occupations in the wellness sector

The director in the wellness sector

Mentioning to Mr. Abdul Hakeem Ali Alhayki, said that director is the individual responsible of directing and pull offing his employees, supplying and forming preparation plans for the staff to be effectual and efficient. For illustration, a nurse director supervises and evaluates employees, and works with patients to supply aid for wellness attention ( personal communicating, May 6, 2010 ) .

Directors ‘ occupation involves interaction and communicating with others with a immense figure of issues under hard fortunes. Besides the director has other missions and responsibilities such as oversing all countries of infirmary, including doctors, wellness information technicians, nursing, medical records and etc, ( Education-portal 2010 ) .

Furthermore, the accomplishments required to transport out the occupation of infirmary director are interchanging information, processing paperwork, commanding public presentation, planning, co-coordinating, encouraging, and pull offing struggles, ( Human Resources Institute1990 ) .

The impact of the director in the wellness sector is to accomplish the wellness sector ends by engaging and choosing the most qualified and good experient physicians and nurses that are capable to present quality services to the patients.

The seller in the wellness sector

Marketer is a individual who ‘s responsible of advertisement and advancing the merchandises and services that are offered by the well-thought-of entity. As Mr. Abdul Hakeem Ali Alhayki said, the sellers are involved in educating people about the effects of misapplying drugs by puting up educational promoting runs ( personal communicating, May 6, 2010 ) . Besides sellers are the front face of a company, as this function requires a batch of accomplishments and makings. Every selling officer should hold first-class and influential communicating accomplishments to fundamentally interact with clients in a really efficient mode.

The comptroller in the wellness sector

An comptroller is a compulsory function in every organisation, as they are qualified and trained for clerking, Auditing and fixing the fiscal analysis of the entity

The Hospital comptroller ‘s chief responsibilities are fixing fiscal documents, supplying monthly studies to fundamentally verify and guarantee whether the fiscal information generated is accurate, the comptroller besides fixing infirmaries studies and makes fiscal determinations

( 1999-2010 ehow, Inc ) .

The accomplishments that are required and should be related to an comptroller are as follows:

Develop fiscal and other operational systems to accurately command the fiscal activities

Train and supervise accounting forces

Make sound fiscal determinations and recommendations to direction in respects to professional accounting jobs.

Interpret and use legal demands and administrative policies to accounting maps.

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Harmonizing to Mr. Abdul Hakeem Ali, the comptrollers have a monolithic impact on the wellness sector because they play a major function in this field because they work together with the infirmary direction in finalising the ministry of wellness one-year budget. They besides oversee ministry ‘s entrance and outgoing disbursals ( personal communicating, May 6, 2010 ) . Without their intercession and assistance the ministry of wellness will non be able to accomplish their ends and marks.