Wireless Irrigation System Using Mobile Phone

Wireless Irrigation System Using Mobile Phone

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AbstractionThe purpose of this work is simplify the irrigation system

utilizing cellular telephone. It is a radio control system for exchanging on/off

of H2O pump by which a husbandman can easy command the irrigation

of his field from any location. In rural country, changelesselectricity

fluctuation and irregular power handiness are day-to-day jobs

faced by many husbandmans for a long clip. To rectify such type of

job, we developed a radio irrigation system. Farmer merely

demands to name a fixed figure and so he can supervise the irrigation

system easy. So this system will alleviate the adversities of husbandmans

by replacing the manual control of H2O pump with the radio

automatic control.

KeywordsDTMF decipherer, Wireless control, Irrigation system,

Mobile phone, Relay

I. Introduction

There have been drastic socio-economic developments in the

life of both rural and urban people since the debut of

nomadic phones in India. With latest promotions in engineering

and mass production of nomadic phones in the market, they have

been used in every walk of life which includes mechanization

work. The agribusiness industry is no manner behind in including

these technological promotions [ 1 ] .

With the approval of modern engineering, the crude method

of agricultural plants is now altering and advanced methods

are being introduced in it. Again the human head ever demands

information of involvement to command systems of his/her pick. In

the age of electronic systems it is of import to be able to command

and get information from everyplace [ 2 ] . So this system

allows us to upgrade the irrigation system with the aid of

modern engineering.

Using this system, the husbandman can command the irrigation from any

topographic point. So he can provide the proper sum of H2O in his field.

As a consequence, the production of his harvests will be much better.


Previously, husbandmans were dependent to the rain H2O. Now with

the progress in agricultural system, they supply H2O with the

H2O pump in their field. But as electricity crisis is a common

matter, frequent power failures is major hinderance for irrigation.

Again their field is far from their abode sometimes. So it

becomes hard to supervising the irrigation system ever.

So we have developed a radio irrigation system which is

controlled by an electronic device based on DTMF ( Duel Tone

Multi Frequency ) engineering. By this, the husbandman can command

the H2O pump through nomadic phone. When he sends any

signal in the device, it responses with the bid. It switches

on/off the H2O pump harmonizing to the input by the husbandman.

DTMF ( Duel Tone Multi Frequency ) :DTMF is a generic

communicating term for touch tone ( a Registered Trademark of

AT & A ; T ) . The tones produced when dialing on the computer keyboard on the

phone could be used to stand for the figures, and a separate tone

is used for each figure. However, there is ever a opportunity that a

random sound will be on the same frequence which will trip up

the system. It was suggested that if two tones were used to

represent a figure, the likeliness of a false signal occurring is

ruled out. This is the footing of utilizing double tone in DTMF

communicating. DTMF dialing uses a computer keyboard with 12 buttons.

Each key pressed on the phone generates two tone of specific

frequences, so a voice or a random signal can non copy the

tones. One tone is generated from a high frequence group of

tones and the other from low frequence group [ 2 ] . The

frequences generated on pressing different phone keys are

shown in the Table 1.



Frequency ( Hz )


Frequency ( Hz )


Frequency ( Hz )

1 697 1209 1906

2 697 1337 2034

3 697 1477 2174

4 770 1209 1979

5 770 1337 2107

6 770 1477 2247

7 852 1209 2061

8 852 1337 2189

9 852 1477 2329

0 941 1209 2150

* 941 1337 2278

# 941 1477 2418

Table 1: Frequency generated on cardinal imperativeness.

Fig. 1: Hardware of the proposed device

The developed device for the irrigation system consists of some

constituents such as DTMF IC, micro-controller, relay etc. In

this undertaking, we have used DTMF decipherer IC ( MT8870 ) to

bring forth the frequence. The relay operates the motor of H2O

pump harmonizing to the bid given on the Mobile.


The system works through DTMF engineering. Here, we have

to utilize two nomadic phone, one should be kept with the device

and another will be operated by the husbandman. Farmer merely have to

call to another Mobile and imperativeness the predefined key to run

the H2O pump.

Fig. 2: Use in existent life

When the husbandman makes a call to another phone, the operation

starts with it. Then he presses the denoted button on his phone.

It creates tones which is transferred to the other phone and

received by the DTMF decipherer circuit. Then it filters the signal

and gives the end product. There are four end products which are denoted

by Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4. Each button generates different tone and

the end product are besides created harmonizing to the tone. The end product is

given below in table 2.



Frequency ( Hz )


Frequency ( Hz )





1 697 1209 0 0 0 1

2 697 1336 0 0 1 0

3 697 1477 0 0 1 1

4 770 1209 0 1 0 0

5 770 1336 0 1 0 1

6 770 1477 0 1 1 0

7 852 1209 0 1 1 1

8 852 1336 1 0 0 0

9 852 1477 1 0 0 1

0 941 1209 1 0 1 0

* 941 1336 1 0 1 1

# 941 1477 1 1 0 0

Table 2: End product for different keys

So we have to choose which button we want to utilize to run.

Then that matching end product is sent to the micro-controller.

After that, micro-controller will direct the pulsation to relay. Now

relay will drive the motor. In this manner, the husbandman can easy

run his operation system. The block diagram of this

working process is given in figure 3.

Fig. 3: Block diagram of working process


As this device aids to command the motor of H2O pump

wirelessly, so it will assist to salvage the ingestion of power.

Again we don’t have to be present to exchange on/off the H2O

pump. So no more manual control will be. As we can provide

the H2O in the field seasonably with the aid of this device, so the

production will be much bigger and the husbandman will be

benefited. The device is based on relay which can run really

high H2O pumps. Again the cost of this device is really low. So

that is rather low-cost for the husbandman. The husbandman can command

the H2O supply to his field from any topographic point of the universe by merely

pressing a button on his Mobile phone which is great for

nonreader husbandmans. So with the execution of this undertaking, we

can easy decrease many troubles in our agricultural system.


This proposed system provides an option to decrease the work of

irrigation with the aid of nomadic engineering. It helps non merely

to command the irrigation system but besides saves their clip needed

to go to their field in order to exchange on/off the H2O pump.

So there needs none to supervise the irrigation system instead

timely irrigation can be easy ensured. So the production cost

will lees than old which will be good for the husbandman.

At-last we will promote the husbandmans to utilize this engineering for

bettering their irrigation system to do maximal net income as

good as to cut down the hard-work in monitoring H2O pump.


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